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Moondance Villa

A luxury brand that focuses on the finer things in life. A beautiful villa on the edge of a mountain overlooking the coast. Moondance offers spectacular views, luxurious comfort and an all inclusive holiday in Cape Town.


"Moondance was stuck with a bloated website and a brand image that did not do justice to the magnificent villa and suites offered."

Moondance wanted a website overhaul. Their previous website used outdated WordPress plugins that no longer had support, their website was bloated with unnecessary pages and large format images resulting in long loading speeds, but most of all their website did not covey the right brand image and tone needed to communicate the high end luxury service that Moondance offers.


"We created a sleek colour pallet, loosened up the type and rearranged the user flow to reduce unnecessary and repetitive pages"



"Our key word was journey. We wanted the user to feel like they were being invited into the magic of Moondance."

By simply optimising the images, using modern development techniques and redesigning the user experience we were able to increase the website's desktop speed form 11% to 87%  without compromising on interactivity such as parallax, overflow sliders and a fully fluid design system made to be beautiful on all devices. We wanted to use space to convey luxury and mirror the scale of the villa by making sure all the elements had a lot of breathing room around them whilst still maintaining a relationship with each other. This created a grand feel and added to the experience of Moondance.


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