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Coach Elite Web App and Mobile App

Coach Elite

Coach Elite is a rough and tough brand with a playful cheek to it. Their focus is on making it as easy as possible for weight lifters to keep track of their workouts and coaches of their clients.
Mobile App
Web App
Coach Elite Web App and Mobile App


"Coach Elite wanted an app that would take the grind out of post training admin for strength coaches and clients alike."

Our Solution Was To Create An App System That Was Intuitive And Easy To Navigate.

Coach Elite had found a gap in the market and came to use with a big idea. They had noticed that the majority of strength coaches and weightlifters relied on an outdated system of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their training programs and client programs. They found that coaches spend up to two hours per client dealing with administrative tasks per training session. They wanted us to develop a system that could eliminate the need for spreadsheets and allow for coaches to easily keep track of their clients progress.

We proposed a two stage solution that consisted of a mobile app and web app. Clients could use the mobile app to view their assigned workouts, comment on them and track their progress. This information is then sent to a desktop application that the coaches can use to see their clients progress, manage clients, assign programs and even build programs. There were similar concepts already on the market but none geared towards powerlifting and none of them were particularly easy to use and intuitive.


Simple, Easy, Intuitive.

We focussed on user flow to create a intuitive journey across both applications - something that most of their competitors lacked. We started the user journey by exploring the key principles needed for each app and finding the easiest ways for a user to reach their goals. For the client users we found that they valued their next workout the most followed by feedback. We addressed this by making the next workout feature the first thing you see when you sign-in and from there future/past workouts and feedback can be viewed. No dashboards and updates and newsletters on the home tab. Only the most important tasks can be found there. Similarly on the coaches as users, we wanted them to be able to easily identify their clients, build workouts and assign workouts with viewing progress closely behind. This is done with two labelled icons which are used to complete all other tasks on the web app.

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